MTC-JBLM On-Site ManagerEnglishNone08/17/2022
Revenue & Billing AnalystNoneNone07/22/2022
Payroll AnalystNoneNone07/21/2022
Growth ManagerNoneNone07/14/2022
Growth AssociateNoneNone07/14/2022
Arabic Levantine / Kurdish Kurmanji Syrian LNL InterpreterFluent in Arabic Levantine, Kurdish Kurmanji & English Able to pass Speaking and Writing for English...None06/13/2022
Afar, French & Somali Local National Linguists - DjiboutiFluent in English, Afar, French and Somali. Language Fluency Requirements •Score at least a 3/3/3/3 ...05/13/2022
Local National Linguists: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, and Slovak• Able to pass speaking and writing tests in English and one of the target languages04/18/2022
Director, Finance and Human ResourcesNone03/31/2022
Business Process Manager (Remote or Local)03/11/2022
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