TS/SCI Cleared Linguists (Interpreter/Translator)Fluent in English and one of the following target languages: • Russian • Polish • Pashto and Dari • ...08/15/2019
Administrative Professional Services (Receptionist, Data Entry, and Technical Support)NoneNone08/15/2019
Linguists Supporting Army Central Command (Middle East Region & Other Languages)English and one of the following target languages: Albanian Arabic (most dialects) Chechen Bengali H...$1,000.0008/15/2019
Cleared Farsi Linguist (Interpreter / Translator)Farsi and English08/15/2019
Linguist Coordinator (OCN)Fluent in English08/15/2019
Cleared Hebrew Linguist (Interpreter / Translator)Fluent in Hebrew and English08/15/2019
Cleared Chinese Mandarin Linguist (Interpreter / Translator)Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English08/15/2019
Vice President of Contracts, Procurement & Administration06/25/2019
Cleared Pashto & Dari Linguist (Interpreter / Translator)Fluent Pashto, Dari and EnglishNone08/15/2019
Cleared Russian Linguist (Interpreter / Translator)Fluent in Russian and EnglishNone08/15/2019
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